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Do Not Pull My Hair. EVER.

Hey guys here’s a protip/rant:

If your Waitress has her LONG HAIR in a ponytail or a braid, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO NOT TUG OR PULL ON IT EVER AT ALL PERIOD THE END.

Seriously. My Hair is not your dang Plaything. I do not need your greasy, beer and bar nuts dust covered hands all up in my hair. This has happened MORE than once at my work and it pisses me off to no end that people think its an okay thing to do. A male Chef full on grabbed my pony tail as I was trying to walk away as a means of “not letting me leave the conversation when I wanted to” (He wanted to have the last word in or something and I yelled him out for that) and on a separate occasion a Male <b>CUSTOMER </b> DECIDED TO PULL MY BRAIDS yesterday as I was trying to talk to a table and he was walking BRISKLY the OTHER DIRECTION, thus putting me off balance and throwing off my table side manner.

It is SOOOOOOO Disrespectful and Incredibly Rude. I of course being the Waitress cannot say A DARN THING TO YOUR FACE ABOUT IT but you can bet your last dollar that it made me mad. Your waitress has a job to do and tugging/pulling at her hair is NOT CUTE/COOL/FUNNY AT ALL. So here’s a freaking tip:

Just Don’t Do It At All.





omigosh that was the best 3 seconds of my life!! I must repeat it!


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