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Anonymous asked:

What can you tell me about astral travel, and how is it done?


It’s hard to boil down the astral into a single descriptive term because there are so many ways and possibilities that there really are no hard or fast rules for what it means to travel or how to get there.

The shortest explanation I can give is that astral travel is the act of accessing Unseen or non-physical planes. But even that isn’t quite right because some people end up remote-viewing this physical plane that we live in. And some planes that you may access via astral travel are physical in their nature as well. Some travelers manage to get onto the astral and end up only visiting one plane ever. And some travelers end up plane hopping regularly.

A general note regarding astral travel: the act of traveling is not mandatory for pagans, and isn’t something that has ever been wide-spread in history (aka not everyone is cut out to do it). If anyone tells you that you need to access the astral, they are talking out their ass. Simple as that.

Astral travel is a huge point of conflict here on Tumblr because half of the community thinks we’re a bunch of crazy people who just want to feel special, and so they don’t take us seriously. And the other half of the community thinks we’re trying to put ourselves on a pedestal and gets angry because they can’t travel. So the strife that often comes with astral travel gets trivialized and everyone feels like shit all around.

There are tons of ways to get there. Some popular methods involve drugs or alcohol. Others involve strict dietary restrictions and purity restrictions before accessing the astral. Others involve pushing your body to its limits. And some people just accidentally fall into the astral. Astral travel can happen while awake or while asleep. Some people are capable of both methods, some people are only able to do one or the other. The ability to travel will vary from practitioner to practitioner. Some people’s connections are very solid and they have the ability to access the astral like clock work. Other people’s abilities are more restricted, and so their access is limited. In both cases, sometimes your ability to travel can just shut off for no reason because the universe is a troll. Again, no hard or fast rules in this situation. Additionally, each astral traveler will have their own limitations and skill sets. For example, I can barely see over there, and I require assistance with moving around large locations or busy places.

I learned how to astral travel by accident. It started when I used to dance until I couldn’t stand, which opened up my ability to receive weird visions. And when I was driven to the edge a few years ago, I fell into the “astral proper” and it’s been a whirlwind since then.

For more resources, I’ve got some links:

For those who want to know, I house all of my astral links here. I try to add to the list regularly.

Unfortunately there is so much to cover with the astral, it’s hard to make a succinct write up about what it is or what it entails, but hopefully this covers some of it.

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